Great Yarmouth port can launch ferries after Brexit

The port at Great Yarmouth is able to handle ferries carrying cargo to and from mainland Europe should it need to after Brexit, the company which runs the port has said.

Peel Ports has said the port has the capability to launch and take roll-on vessels.

Greg Deek, a spokesperson for the company, said that this type of ship would carry unaccompanied freight, which is transported across the sea without a driver and cab.

While Mr Deek declined to comment on the effects of Brexit on operations at the Norfolk port, the company has previously published a paper, ‘Brexit Unlocked, A Contingency Option Using Uncongested Ports’.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit and the return of customs checks, the port at Dover could end up congested.

It has been suggested that, in this scenario, other ports could be opened up to ships transporting freight to and from mainland Europe.

The paper states that from the end of March 2019, the traditional Channel crossing ports will become overwhelmed, and that a solution is for freight to travel unaccompanied through ports other than Dover.

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