A mother’s love is like no other,
Her heart is pure, her love is true.
She is the one who sacrifices for her child,
And teaches them everything they need to know.

With arms wide open, she embraces her child,
And holds them tight when they are feeling down.
She is the giver of love and wisdom,
And the one who makes a house feel like a home.

A mother is a guiding light,
That leads us on life’s winding road.
She is the one who believes in us,
And never lets us go.

So let us cherish our mothers,
And show them love in every way.
For they are our shining stars,
And will always guide us through life’s fray.

A father’s love is strong and true,
A guiding light to see us through.
A helping hand, a gentle voice,
A constant presence, our first choice.

A steady rock, a solid ground,
A faith unwavering, always around.
A caretaker, provider, and friend,
A hand to hold until the end.

A father’s love transcends all space,
A bond unbreakable, full of grace.
A cherished memory, a guiding star,
A treasure never too far.

We celebrate the fathers in our lives,
Their love, their sacrifice, their endless strives.
For everything they are and do,
We say, “Thank you, Dad, we love you.